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There are many things your body does for you that you may take for granted; but not today. In Pacemaker, you don't control the character: you control the character's heart. Press the SPACE bar the beat the character's heart at the right time: The electrocardiogram (graph thingy) at the bottom shows you where the heart should be beating based on the character's exertion. Miss a beat by too much and you will begin to fall behind into the hungry jaws of a wild wolf. Get two or more perfect beats in a row and you can regain some ground. The caduceus in the bottom left tells you your relative speed: a red wing means you are falling behind, a green wing means your are gaining ground, and the staff fills up when you are on a perfect streak.

Published Sep 25, 2016

Install instructions

Run the .exe and follow the instructions.


Pacemaker.exe 12 MB

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